E2 Lens Renew Headlight Restoration Kit


E2 Lens Renew Headlight Restoration Kit

E2 Kit

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Everything listed below to restore your headlights is packed tightly inside the jar you receive.


Depending on severity of headlight condition and headlight size, one kit could treat up to 3 cars.

E2 Kit
Everything pictured here comes tightly packed inside the jar

E2 Lens Re-New Headlight Restoration Kits Include (Inside the Jar):

  • E2 Lens Re-New Solution
  • Clear Coat Solution
  • White Terry Cloth
  • Blue Towel
  • Clear Coat Applicator Sponge
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Plastic Stirring Spoon
  • Application Instructions

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Kit Package


E2 Lens Renew – Applying Instructions

Step 1: Carefully remove the E2 Lens Renew container lid.

Step 2: Using the spoon, carefully stir the E2 Lens Renew cleaning solution for 30 seconds or until it becomes a consistent paste.

Step 3: Obtain the WHITE terry cloth and dampen it with water.

Step 4: Rinse one headlight lens with water.

Step 5: Place the damp WHITE terry cloth over the tip of your finger and dip it into the E2 Lens Renew container, covering the tip of the cloth with the cleaning solution.

Step 6: Using a little “elbow grease” apply the E2 Lens Renew cleaning solution to the entire lens for 1 to 2 minutes using circular, vertical and horizontal motions. (You will begin to notice the oxidation coming off of the lens and onto the cloth).

Step 7: Rinse the headlight lens with clean water.

Step 8: Visually inspect the lens to determine if additional solution cleaning is required.  If additional cleaning is required, repeat steps 5 – 7.  If no additional solution cleaning is required, proceed to step 9.

Step 9: Completely dry the lens with a separate towel (DO NOT use either of the towels provided within the kit).

Step 10: Carefully remove the container lid on the Clear Coat polish and use the yellow applicator pad to apply the Clear Coat polish to the entire surface of the cleaned lens (similar to applying wax to a car).  Let the Clear Coat polish completely dry on the lens for at least 2 minutes. While waiting for the Clear Coat polish to dry, repeat steps 4 – 10 on the opposite headlight lens and then proceed to step 11.

Step 11: Using the BLUE towel supplied in the kit, remove the Clear Coat polish from the first headlight lens by rubbing the lens in circular, horizontal and vertical motions (as you would remove wax from a car).

Step 12: After the Clear Coat polish has had at least 2 minutes to dry on the second headlight lens, using the same BLUE towel from step 11, remove the Clear Coat polish from the second headlight lens as you did from the first headlight lens.

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